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led grow light function.

Brand Name:Olink
Business Type:Manufacturer over 10 years at grow light field
Service:OEM&ODM,100% Response Rate
Main Product:LED grow light & t5 Fluorescent grow light
LED grow light:EDK led grow light,EDKIII spectrum adjustable led grow light with time,Inner Timer led grow light,
IP65 led grow light,Dimmable led grow light,EDJ led grow light,led retrofit tube etc.
T5 Fluorescent grow light:T5 EDJ grow light with nano-reflector,T5 EDL grow light,reptile light etc.
Top 2 Markets:North America 65%,Europe 15%,Australia 10%,others 10%
Monthly production:1000-15000 pcs/Month
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led grow lights manufacturers
What color is the plant growth lamp?
Photosynthesis is carried out by plants through chlorophyll. There are two main spectral ranges that chlorophyll can directly absorb. One is the red part with the wavelength of 640 ~ 660nm, the other is the blue and purple part with the wavelength of 430 ~ 450nm. In addition, lutein and carotene in plants can also absorb light energy and then transfer it to chlorophyll for photosynthesis. The absorption spectra of lutein and carotene are different The range is about 400 ~ 500nm, which is slightly wider than the blue and purple light directly absorbed by chlorophyll, so the whole spectrum range that plants can use is 640 ~ 660nm + 400 ~ 500nm. Therefore, the effective spectrum of plant growth fill light should be red light and blue and purple light, and the color should be red or blue and purple.
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