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Plant Grow Lamp

Full spectrum LED grow light

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1.Product name: Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Greenhouse Planting Flowers/Seeds/Vegetables
2. All Al body, Ultra high effective lighting
3. All aluminum body, well heat dissipation, long lifespan, no corrosion
4. Daisy Chain design, scientific structure, maintain in minutes
5. Advanced design allows spectrum to be changed in a easy and free way, at any stage of growth.
6. Selective lens, extremely strong penetration 2-3 times strong of common led grow lights
7. High quality material, Easy detaching and maintenance,
grow light led
Model LX-GLM120-12
Power 720W
Ratio Full specturm
Housing Aluminum
Beam Angle Adjustable/60
Application Greenhouse/Indoor farm
Warranty 3 years