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What is the plant growth lamp?
Plant lamps are used for indoor horticulture, plant propagation and food production, including indoor hydrophytes and aquatic plants. Although most plant lamps are used in industry, they can also be used in the home.
The plant growth lamp is an artificial light source, usually an electric light source. It aims to stimulate plant growth by emitting electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. Plant lamps are used in applications where there is no natural light or where supplementary lighting is required. For example, in winter, when the possible daylight time may not be enough for the plant to grow, the lamp is used to extend the time for the plant to receive light. If plants don't get enough light, they will grow in vain.

Type : Plant Grow Light Strip
Waterproof : IP66
LED Type : SMD 2835
LED Quantity : 60LED/M
Led Color : Red and blue
LED Wavelength: Red : 660nm ; Blue : 445nm
Voltage : DC 5V
Strip Length : 0.5/1/2/3 Meters
Strip wideth : 10mm
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Plant growth lamps are special lamps and lanterns, which need sunlight in accordance with the growth law of plants. The plant growth lamps are a kind of lamps that use sunlight principle and light instead of sunlight to give plants growth and development environment.
plant grow lamp manufacturers
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