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fabric grow bags

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fabric grow bags manufacturers

fabric grow bags functions. 
1.The packing bag of the planting bag is used to hold plants growing in soil, similar to clay or plastic factory pots. Growth bags can be made of plastic or fabric and usually have handles for easy handling. Growth bags range in size from one to 200 gallons.
2. Plant grow bag is a large plastic bag filled with a growth medium and used for growing plants, usually tomatoes or other salad crops. Growth media are usually based on Soilless organic materials such as peat, coconut shell, green waste from composting, composted bark or composted sawdust, or a mixture of these. Added a variety of nutrients, enough to meet the growth needs of a season, so usually only planting and watering is necessary for the end user. The method of planting is to first place the bag flat on the floor or bench of the planting area, and then cut in some access holes for the plants on the top surface.

fabric grow bags features
Bag type / tree bag / Chinese bag
Charateristics: corrosion resistant, breathable, self-priming, durable, degradable, transparent
Brand name: medicalbios OEM
Material: non woven fabric
Use form: floor type
Import or not: Yes
Application scenarios: home, green engineering, hotel, flower garden, nursery production, office, family gardening, terrace garden, shopping mall
Size: 25cm (d) * 30cm (H) / 30cm (d) * 35cm (H) / 35cm (d) * 40cm (H)

fabric grow bags manufacturers

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