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Why are non-woven tree planting bags so popular? - plant grow bags in china

Time:2021-06-08 14:56

We are a manufacturer of plant grow bags, we come from the beautiful environment of China, today, we will tell you about non-woven planting bags.
    Gardeners know that planting bags are also made of plastic, felt, non-woven and so on, but today we focus only on non-woven.
    Non-woven planting bags (also known as: the United States planting bags, grow bags, growing bags, etc.) material using fiber non-woven fabric, fabric production formula is very reasonable, can have low cost, high efficiency, anti-aging, breathable and permeable, strong and durable, and tension is also good, compared to plastic growing bags, comprehensive aspects are a better choice.
    It can be planted trees, seedlings, vegetables, flowers, etc.. Can reduce the cost of production, shorten the production cycle, can save water (but except in summer), moisture capacity is not particularly outstanding, especially in summer, not suitable for plants in the sun, outdoor breeding also need frequent watering, otherwise the plant is easy to cause plant death due to lack of water. Non-woven planting bags can help the survival rate of seedlings to improve, and the soil is not easy to breed bacteria, not easy to coil roots and other problems, can ensure the healthy growth of trees.
    Non-woven tree planting bags are not affected by seasons (except for extremely cold areas, desert areas), especially in areas with little rain and drought, its survival rate is much higher than the normal environment, and the effect is very obvious. At the same time, the transplanting rate of the product is also significantly improved, and the survival rate after transplanting is also high, and can achieve the advantages of the expected growth of seedlings!
Nowadays, non-woven tree planting bags are welcomed and trusted in the market for the following main reasons.
1. Easy to operate: Compared with the previous traditional cultivation methods, it is easier to use non-woven seedling bags for seedlings. It doesn't take much time to learn to start cultivation, which greatly saves the time needed to learn and cultivate before. More seedlings reduce the initial cost.
2. Safety specifications: Compared with previous seedling bags, non-woven seedling bags have more complete specifications, because different seedling bags need different specifications to cultivate different seedlings. The previous seedling bags cannot meet these requirements one by one, while the non-woven bags improve these shortcomings.
3. Low cost: I wonder if non-woven nursery bags can make seedlings grow naturally by their roots, and the cost is also very low. Unlike the previous lightweight nursery bags, they require a very high cost.
The following one makes a planting bag that we directly recommend for all gardeners to use
manufacturer of plant grow bags in china
Brand: OEM/ODM
Logo: can be customized
Process: Needle punching
Material: non-woven
Color: Customizable
Features: round, with handle, black, made of non-woven, no water design
(1) Planting bags are generally used for planting vegetables, flowers, trees, etc.
(2) Large trees can be directly planted bags, without ground planting, without transplanting, which can
maximize the protection of the plant root system.
(3) Planting bags are suitable for greenhouses, farms, gardens, balconies, etc., easy to take care of and high survival rate.
This is our factory more sales of planting bags, 7 gallon size, you can plant trees, plant flowers, plant vegetables and fruits, this size is more appropriate.
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