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What are 1-10 gallon grow bags suitable for growing(2021)

Time:2021-06-17 10:33

There are many kinds of grow bags, the best representative ones are "seedling bags", "non-woven grow bags", "felt grow bags" and so on. They all have their own shining points, and there is always a bag you want. These containers are the new comers in the field of gardening and they are given great expectations to replace pots and ceramic containers in the future and become the best of the new generation of containers.
These cloth bags are basically biodegradable materials, so his use is not very long, about 2-3 seasons will wear and tear, and continue to replace, in terms of cost, cheap, efficient, but need to be replaced every year; but in terms of his function, it can make the survival rate of plants greatly increased, and the bag is usually accompanied by a handle, easy to migrate, when not in use, it can also be When not in use, it can also be folded and stored or washed and packed with some other things; from the environmental point of view, it is naturally degradable and will not pollute the earth.
For many years, nursery staff have known about these bags, but it is only in recent years that they have become popular with private gardeners. However, in the nursery they have a more practical appearance.
I have listed the plants that are better suited to grow in 1-10 gallon grow bags for reference purposes only.
Determine the size of the root bag
You can place plants in the root bag a little closer together than the spacing indicated on your seed packet. But don't overcrowd the container.
prodducts of plant grow bags
-1 gallon: Single culinary herb plants such as thyme, oregano or basil
-2 gallon: Culinary herbs and small plants such as Tom Thumb Pea, Little Gem Lettuce
-3 gallon: Baby greens such as Ultimate Salad Bowl; edible flowers such as Glorious Gleam Nasturtium or Variegated Nasturtium; and quick salad greens, such as arugula
-5 gallon: Dwarf tomatoes, such as Tiny Tim or Summer Sunrise; full-leaf lettuces such as Spotted Trout, Merlot or Flashy Butter Oak; multiple plants Flashy Butter Oak; multiple plants together such as kitchen herbs, kales or flowers such as Flashback Calendula.
-7 gallon: Medium-size tomato plants, especially cherry tomatoes such as Fox Cherry and Blush; mixed flowers; bush summer squash, such as Benning's Patty Pan; or vines such as Scarlet Runner Beans, Swiss Giant Snow Pea; and most flowers, including Love in a Mist, Tiger Paw Aster and Teddy Bear Sunflowers
-10 gallon: Full-size tomatoes such as Stone Ridge, Rose de Bern, Cherokee Purple, Ground Cherries; great for mixed vegetable plantings, including chard, kale, arugula and more; large flowers such as Spider Flowers, or flower mixes such as Good Bug Blooms, Midnight Garden Mix or Shade Mix

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