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Top quality cleaning methods for grow bags

Time:2021-06-22 14:26

A good quality grow bag can be stored for 3-5 years, but if you don't use and clean it correctly, it will probably decompose naturally and you will need to buy new bags if you want to grow again next year, which is not very cost effective. medicalbios factory will tell you how to clean the grow bags properly.
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How to clean the bags

  1. Clean out the excess debris from the bags
  2. Allow to dry for a day to clean out any hardened material stuck in the bag.
  3. Rinse and clean the stains from the bag.
  4. You can't put it in the washing machine, use a bucket of water to continue washing.
  5. Then, put detergent and baking soda, soak for 20 minutes, and scrub well (a brush is fine).
  6. Then soak in clean water for 10 minutes, and then rinse a few more times, so that its foam measurement The bottom of the policy is clean.
  7. Then use the rack to dry it up until completely air-dried (can not be put in the air dryer), if there is a little moisture, are making the bag moldy and smelly. Then fold and store it or store other items.

Is it true that the bags can be reused?

Of course you can. Unless the bags you buy are made from recycled materials, which tend to break down faster, quality grow bags like those from Medicalbios can be emptied at the end of each growing season, washed, allowed to air dry, then folded up and stored in a cool, dry place to be reused the following spring.
Grow bags are a new product of plant containers in this century, it has far more advantages than pots and other plant containers, it helps a lot with plant growth, if you like plant growing and have not found the right container or land to grow, consider using grow bags, whether to help plants grow or to use to store other miscellaneous items, choose it, you will not lose.

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