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Time:2021-06-19 09:50

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, plant containers have gradually replaced traditional land cultivation, and tomato planting containers have also started to change, with ceramic containers, plastic pots, and planting bags all available for growing tomatoes.
tomato grow bags for sale
Ceramic containers
Relocation: It is a relatively bulky container in itself, and it is much less likely to be relocated during planting. Breathability: It is completely closed at the bottom and has poor breathability, causing moisture to accumulate in the pot and easily drown the plant.
Root system: When using ceramic containers, plants will grow with roots circling around the edges of the container, referred to as "coiled roots", which will cause the bottom of the plant to not absorb nutrients and water from the soil, easily leading to plant wilting or death.
Transplanting: Long-term use of ceramic containers has a relatively high mortality rate, so transplanting is not recommended.
Cost: Its individual cost is relatively high, and his service life is quite long without considering that it breaks, but it cannot be placed on a shelf or higher, and it basically breaks when it falls.
tomato grow bags for sale
Plastic flower pot
Moving: It is better in terms of moving compared to ceramic containers, and the plastic material is not too heavy.
Breathability: plastic is also less breathable, and will be the same as ceramic containers, moisture is easy to accumulate
Root system: Coiled root
Transplanting: The mortality rate of transplanting is relatively high.
Cost: relatively low cost, but easy to break.
tomato grow bags for sale
Planting bag
Removal: with handles, 1-5 gallon bags can be moved by one person
Breathability: The bags are very breathable and do not accumulate in the bags. However, in summer, the soil tends to be very dry because of the hot weather, so it needs to be watered at least 3 times a day in summer (only if the bags are outdoors).
Roots: He does not coil his roots, because when the roots are close to the edge of the bag, the air dries out the root tips, causing them to dry out. In turn, this causes the roots to branch and become fibrous. This process is called "air pruning" and promotes fibrous roots throughout the root ball, it also prevents unwanted roots from becoming entangled.
Transplanting: The survival rate of transplanting with bags is relatively high, having reached 80%.
Cost: The cost is relatively low, however, the life span of a plant bag is relatively short and if you use it for more than 3 consecutive seasons, then it will start to show wear and tear.
Overall: The survival rate of ceramic containers and plastic planters is lower for flowers or plants with shorter root systems that are not suitable for growing tomatoes, while grow bags are a good choice for growing tomatoes with high survival rates after transplanting, healthy root systems, and water permeability and ventilation are perfect for growing tomatoes.
What materials can be used to make grow bags?
There are many materials used to make grow bags, such as non-woven fabric, felt, etc.
Nonwoven fabric: Nonwoven fabric, also known as textile fabric, is made up of either oriented or random fibers. It is called cloth because it has the appearance and certain properties of cloth. Nonwoven fabric is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, colorful, inexpensive, recyclable, etc.
Felt: Felt, mostly made of wool, but also made of cow hair or fiber, using the processing of bonding. It is elastic and can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, padding and elastic steel wire needle fabric base felt.
Conclusion: The functions and features of the manufactured grow bags are similar and can be purchased.
Based on my personal preference for containers, I prefer to use grow bags to grow tomatoes. The advantages and disadvantages of grow bags are obvious to us, and we can also make relative measures to grow tomatoes better.
tomato grow bags for sale
This is the tomato planting bag we sell in our factory
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