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What do you need to know when choosing a grow tent?

Time:2021-04-23 09:38

The grow tent is a fabric box lined with light and heat reflective materials and equipped with lighting and ventilation.
This ingenious device makes it possible to grow a variety of plants indoors year-round. When growing outdoors, you will be unaffected by the weather.
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When using a grow tent, you can have complete control over the growing environment as it can be enhanced by using
1.Air conditioner
2.Humidifier to control relative humidity
3. Heater
4. Lighting high pressure sodium lamps, grow lights, metal halide lamps
5. Exhaust fans and circulation fans
With indoor grow tents, success in each season on all types of plants is limited by growing practices and capabilities. Regardless of the weather outside, with the right tent setup, a little practice and experience, you can grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs indoors anytime of the year.
It's not just about growing in the light. These "grow rooms" are a complete system.
You may also hear these plant enclosures called "grow cabinets", "grow rooms" or "plant stands". The various terms usually describe variations in the size and shape of the tent. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a plant grow shelter, outline the various options available, and make some sound recommendations to help you choose a plant environment that fits your needs and meets your needs.
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Is it worth the money to pitch a tent?
These days, the problem of overheating has appeared in many parts of the world. Whether you can protect your plants from the scorching sun and keep the heat in means whether you can successfully grow a home garden and whether you can spend the money. Time and money, nothing.
While your grow tent may be an important initial investment, it can save you money in the long run. This is because it costs less to use a grow tent to provide water, nutrients and light for your plants.
Thanks to the reflective Mylar interior coating, you double your return on investment in lighting. Plants get a life-giving and healthy glow from every angle, every day, at just the right time.
Because you have complete control over the growing environment, you won't experience water waste due to excessive sun and wind. You won't lose nutrients due to runoff from rain and flooding.
What can you grow?
The best grow tents can be the ideal environment for any crop. The only limitation is that if you plan to grow more than one type of plant, create a group of plants that have similar needs in terms of light, temperature and humidity. Many growers can only grow one crop in their grow room - medical marijuana.
What are the benefits of using a grow tent?
1. Promotes photosynthesis. The "walls" within the grow tent's reflective tape ensure that your plants receive enough high-quality light from all angles without leaking light. This eliminates yellowing of lower leaves and/or weakening and failure of stems and branches that are not facing the light source. Every surface of every plant will receive enough light. The tent is "light-proof" or "dense light", so you can control the light your plants receive.
2. A controlled environment. With a grow tent, you have complete control over temperature and humidity levels, so you can focus on establishing the ideal growing conditions for any plant you need.
3. Save money. The cost of climate control and ventilation in a small grow tent is far less than the cost of an entire room.
4. Odor control. When applying liquid plant fertilizers or chemicals to your plants, you don't have to worry about odors affecting indoor air quality. They will always be limited to the grow tent.
5. Noise control. The best quality tents can actually reduce sound.
If you agree with the theory that music, white noise or other sounds contribute to successful plant growth, you can provide that atmosphere for your plants and prevent those sounds from entering your living environment. If you purchase a grow tent with high quality sound buffering capabilities.
Conversely, if your house is noisy, your plants will not be disturbed by the chaotic environment.
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Things to consider when choosing a grow tent
Indoor plant enclosures are very popular today and there are many options on the market. This can make shopping very confusing. Before you start shopping, make sure of the following.
1. How much growing area do you need?
Consider the space you have, the type and number of plants you want to grow, and how much space to operate in it. If you only want to grow a few small plants, choose a setup that allows you to get in and take care of them without actually getting in.
If you are growing a small garden of vegetables, naturally you need to be able to work on the plants. You need fencing that you can comfortably enter and walk around, or at least have free access from all directions.
2. How tall will your plants grow?
It's important to choose a grow tent tall enough to accommodate the maximum height your plants will reach, plus a foot or so. You want the plants to have adequate headroom and you want light to reflect well on all surfaces. For maximum versatility and flexibility, look for equipment with adjustable poles, extended tent kits or grow boxes so you can set the height perfectly for whatever plants you want to grow.
Where do you plan to set up your "grow room"?
If you plan to place your planting area indoors or in a sheltered area such as a garage, you do not need to be so strict about materials and durability.
If your tent needs to withstand the elements, then you should naturally look for a unit made of the strongest material available. Check the structure and make sure the stitching is tight to protect against drafts, pests and bad weather.
Make sure to carefully measure your intended location and then choose the right tent. You can get a small tabletop tent for cloning and guiding seeds that may fit just right in a corner of the room. If you plan to provide a closet space for your project, you may be able to find a grow tent that fits in the closet size.
A tent that is large enough to stand freely will require adequate floor space and elevated space. Make sure the doors of the selected equipment match your space. You must be able to set up the tent in a way that is easy to access.
Most growers recommend placing the grow tent in an area with a waterproof floor.
4. How will the tent be ventilated?
In order to maintain good ventilation and control temperature and humidity, you need to be able to circulate the air well. This will require electrical ports or some type of connection. If you are setting up your tent indoors, make sure you have windows or other openings that can be used to set up ventilation holes for exhaust fans.
Make sure the fresh air inlets and hot air outlets are located in line with the openings in the building.
5. What accessories and features do you need?
If you plan to add extra lights or hang some plants, make sure your tent is equipped with sturdy support poles on top. This is also very handy for hanging ventilation fans and securing air ducts.
What is the best grow tent?
Generally speaking, very cheap tents will not be made well enough to support the weight of any hanging. If you plan to use it outdoors, a cheap tent will not work. For these reasons, it is best to just avoid the lower end of the price range for that product.
Mid-range products are usually good. While there are some very expensive tent houses that offer a lot of time and whistle, they are usually not really that much better than mid-range products and the added cost cannot be justified.
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The best choices for the best grow tents
One of the best grow tents is the vivosun grow brand. Their products have earned high praise from professional growers and hobbyists alike. The company uses high-quality materials, offers top-notch construction, and provides a solid warranty.
1. Plant Growing Tent
Their plant grow tent YZP152001 is an affordable option and very easy to set up. The unit comes with a wrap-around zipper and multiple door openings for complete ease of entry. The ventilation system is equipped with a micro-mesh pre-filter specifically designed to resist insects. The orifice is adequately sized (10 inches) and has a double fastening security feature. The weight of the product is just over 19 lbs.
The Plant Grow Tent takes durability to the next level. This is a grow tent designed for professionals. This tent has an adjustable frame that can be extended to a maximum height of 10 feet. The frame is an interlocking solid metal design that is five times stronger than any other design on the market.
The grow tent bag comes with a very tight seal to contain all odors and block out sound. The floor has a sturdy flood pool to efficiently contain overflows and spills. The weight of this heavy-duty equipment is 79 lbs.
2. Lighthouse (Illumination Technology) Hydroponic Growing Greenhouse
The Plant Light LX-GLM120-12 is a flexible option. It has a wide selection of sizes to fit most spaces and gardening goals. The design is easily operated from all three sides of the tent, so placement in any situation will never be a problem.
The ventilation holes are large and easy to maneuver, and there are convenient storage pockets on the walls. The downside of the brand is that the frame may not meet stand-alone requirements. Some users describe it as "unstable". For mild indoor use, this is a good choice to add support.
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3. Hydroponic indoor hydroponic grow tent
Hydroponic planting tent is another good choice for indoor use. It is specially designed for hydroponic gardening. Its design is efficient and user-friendly. Maintenance is easy because the fabric skin is machine washable. For amateurs, this complete growing kit is a good choice, but professionals may find it not sturdy enough.
4. Best Choice Hydroponic Plant Grow Room
Best Choice products are low-priced, lightweight and highly portable lightweight indoor cultivation options. When put together, you can easily move from one room to another. A great option for building a small cultivation area in any room of the house, a sturdy garage or an outbuilding.
5. Hydrobay Plastic Film Growing Tent
The huge hydrobay, four feet high and six and a half feet wide, is a favorite of professionals and serious growers. It is made of very heavy duty material and can withstand years of hard use, even from Mother Nature.
The device has two port vents with airtight seals. With the help of the viewing window, you can easily observe the condition of the plants. With the help of the device's Mylar reflective base plate, lighting is effective and efficient. The weight of the device is about 60 lbs.
This is a very popular model and a best seller, the same size as the Hydrobay. It is also well made, but weighs just over 30 lbs. The unit is easy to build and install without any tools. The end result is very effective; however, it does not control the light as well as the Hydrobay.
The frame is very durable and made of strong, rust-resistant coated metal. The fabric is thermally protected and provides excellent insulation.
7. Vivosun grow tent with viewing window
Vivosun polyester film hydroponics is virtually indestructible. It is made of double thread tear-resistant 600D canvas. Thanks to the standard ventilation holes and several windows with mesh holes, the ventilation is excellent, not only allowing natural air circulation but also keeping insects out.
The frame of the unit is made of sturdy metal bars and is attached to durable connectors. The weight of the device is slightly less than 15 lbs.