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Detailed analysis of plant grow bags, plant grow lights and plant grow tents

Time:2021-03-11 14:30

Welcome to the plant growth bag factory,Next we will take you to analyze plant growth products

1. Plant grow bags

plant grow bags manufacturers
(1)What is a plant grow bag
The planting bag is made of non-woven fabric and sunshade net. It is characterized by light weight, high strength, excellent ultraviolet resistance, long durability, good water permeability and air permeability.
Because the planting bag plus connection button plus vegetation planting constitutes a 3D soil and water conservation slope vegetation greening system through the positive triangle stable stacking mode, and the later developed roots penetrate the soil of the ecological bag into the slope,  which makes the slope more stable. The soil seepage function of the planting bag reduces the hydrostatic pressure of the slope, ensures the normal exchange of water in the soil, and provides vegetation protection In order to survive the medium, make the slope greening more obvious, more effective.
plant grow bags manufacturers
Product features of planting bags
     1. Simple and convenient construction and laying, light quality, convenient transportation.
     2. The survival rate of grass seed is very high.
     3. High tensile strength, no need to worry about tearing the grass seed paper tape.
     4. The distribution of grass seeds is uniform, which avoids the uneven density of lawn in the later stage.
     5. There is no need to spray grass seeds again, which avoids the damage of grass seeds and reduces the construction procedure.
     6. The variety of grass seeds can be changed with time, and different grass seeds can be changed according to needs.
     7. After the grass grows in the later stage, the glass fiber geogrid is used as a layer of reinforcement layer, even if the grass dies in winter, it can achieve the effect of slope protection more firmly and effectively reduce soil erosion in winter.
     8. Low cost and simple production. The survival rate of grass seed is high, the production efficiency is high, and the construction efficiency is high.
These characteristics also determine the irreplaceable position of planting bags in greening.
plant grow bags manufacturers
(2)What is the advantage of plant grow bag over flowerpot
     1. the earth ball is very strong and stable. Because the seedling bag retains enough roots, the soil ball is smaller than the general one, and the soil ball is not easy to loosen during plant transplantation, especially for plants growing in sandy soil for a long time.
     2. the root of the plant is not easy to be outside. Because the non-woven seedling bag is made of strong polypropylene material with high strength, it can effectively prevent the plant roots from growing outward and surrounding, and also ensure the benign grow of the roots, so it greatly reduces the chance of root packing and promotes the full contact between the roots and the earth atmosphere.
     3. transplantation and its convenience are suitable for all seasons. The root system of the plant growing in the no harm seedling bag will not permeate downward. A small part of the lateral fibrous roots can be easily removed by cutting tools, and then they can be transplanted. Because 90% of the roots of plants grow in seedling bags for a long time, they are not affected by the outside world at all, so they are suitable for transplanting in different seasons.
     4. the success rate and quality of transplantation were improved. The damage of traditional transplanting methods to plant roots is relatively large, and more than 90% of the parts need to be removed. However, the no harm seedling bag can greatly reduce the damage in this aspect, make the plant transplant as good as possible without too much pruning, so that the survival rate and quality have been greatly improved.
     5. reduce the cost of cultivation. Compared with ordinary planting containers, non-woven seedling bags can save a lot of costs for seedling farmers, such as potting soil and fertilization measures. And the later transplantation and maintenance is also easy to handle, ordinary people can use ordinary methods to complete.
     In general
     1. the earth ball is very strong and stable
     2. healthier plant roots
     3. prevent over watering
     4. the survival rate of plant transplantation will be higher and the quality will be improved
     5. reduce the cost of cultivation
 plant grow bags manufacturers
2. plant grow lights

(1). what is plant grow lamp?
The plant grow lamp is an artificial light source, usually an electric light source. It aims to stimulate plant grow by emitting electromagnetic spectrum suitable for photosynthesis. Plant lamps are used in applications where there is no natural light or where supplementary lighting is required. For example, in winter, when the possible daylight time may not be enough for the plant to grow, the lamp is used to extend the time for the plant to receive light. If plants don't get enough light, they will grow in vain.
The growing lights either try to provide a spectrum similar to that of the sun, or a spectrum more suitable for the needs of the cultivated plants. Simulate the different colors, temperature and spectral outdoors from the grow lamp, and change the lumen output (intensity) of the lamp. According to the type of plant cultivated, the cultivation stage (such as germination / nutrition stage or flowering / fruiting stage) and the photoperiod required by the plant, the specific range of spectrum, luminous efficiency and color temperature are all desirable specific plants and time periods.
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(2). plant grow lamp value is not worth buying.
It is worth it, because the plant grow lamp helps us to pass the cold spell of winter effectively. Like a greenhouse, we can have a warm space, which is good for the grow of our plants, as well as the photosynthesis of plants. Therefore, the plant grow lamp is an indispensable thing for us to plant.
plant grow bags manufacturers
(3). is plant grow lamp useful?
of course. When our plants are under illuminated, the following problems are easy to have. First, the crops turn yellow. Most plants grow in the dark with yellow and other abnormal characteristics. Plants can not synthesize chlorophyll in the dark, showing carotenoid yellow; internode elongation is very fast; leaves can not be fully expanded and grown; root, vascular bundle and mechanical tissue are not developed. Most plants grow in the dark with yellow and other abnormal characteristics. Plants can not synthesize chlorophyll in the dark, showing carotenoid yellow; internode elongation is very fast; leaves can not be fully expanded and grown; root, vascular bundle and mechanical tissue are not developed. Secondly, diseases and insect pests occur frequently. Because of the closed environment, low light intensity and hindered photosynthesis, the plant grow is weak, and the resistance to diseases and pests is weak, and the occurrence of diseases and pests is frequent. The occurrence of diseases and insect pests and serious harm of greenhouse vegetables has great influence on production, which has become an important factor to restrict the production and quality of vegetables, and is an urgent problem to be solved in greenhouse vegetable production. Then, the crops grow in vain. The reason is that the length of the stem and leaf is crazily elongated. It is called "futile length", which is lack of sunshine, too dark light and relatively more water. The plants that have been in vain can not be changed back. They can wait for spring and autumn grow to cut the top and dry the wound and insert the branches. Remember to sun up (except noon in summer). If you can't guarantee sunshine, water it a little bit. Finally, there are many reasons for the flower setting of vegetables, such as the overgrow of nutrition, weak grow of plants, excessive dry or excessive humidity, and the phenomenon of eggplant falling due to excessive temperature or insufficient light.
However, do you know what kind of light plants need?
I'll tell you that plants are different from human eyes in their sensitivity to spectrum. The most sensitive spectrum of human eyes is 555nm, which is between yellow and green. The sensitivity of blue and red light areas was poor. The sensitivity of sensitive plants to the spectrum is different from that of human eyes. The difference is not as wide as the eye. The sensitive area of plants to spectrum is 400-700nm. The spectrum of this section is usually called the effective energy region of photosynthesis. About 45 percent of the energy of the sun is in this spectrum.
So the plant grow lamp is still very useful.
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(4). what types of plant growth lamps do they have?
High intensity discharge (HID) lamp
Although fluorescent lamps are the most common indoor growth lights in the past, HID lamps are most popular nowadays. High intensity discharge lamps have high lumen / watt efficiency. There are several different types of HID lamps, including mercury vapor, metal halides, high pressure sodium and conversion bulbs. Metal halides and HPS lamps produce some chromatograms similar to those of the sun, which can be used to grow plants. Mercury vapor lamps are the first kind of hid, which are widely used in street lighting. However, when it comes to indoor gardening, their spectra for plant growth are relatively poor, so they are mostly replaced by other types of hid for growing plants.
All HID growth lamps require ballast operation, and each ballast has a specific wattage. Popular hid power includes 150W, 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W. Among all sizes, 600W HID lamp has the highest light efficiency, followed by 1000W, 600W HPS has 7% more light than 1000W HPS.
Although all HID lamps use the same principle, different types of bulbs have different starting and voltage requirements, as well as different operating characteristics and physical shapes. Because such a bulb will not work properly, unless a matching ballast is used, even if the bulb is installed. In addition to producing lower levels of light, mismatched bulbs and ballasts can stop working, or even burn out immediately.
LED (light emitting diode)
LED light-emitting lamps consist of light-emitting diodes, usually in a housing with a radiator or built-in fan. LED light-emitting lamps usually do not need a separate ballast, and can be directly inserted into a standard power socket for direct use.
LED growth lights vary according to their usage. Green, red, far red and blue light spectra have been found to have an effect on root formation, plant growth and flowering. However, there is not enough scientific research or field testing to use the specific color ratio recommended by the LED growth lamp test. It has been shown that many plants will grow normally if given red and blue light. However, many studies have shown that red and blue light only provide the most cost-effective growth method, and plant growth is still better when light complements green.
The white LED growth lamp provides all-optical spectrum, which aims to imitate natural light and provide red, blue and green equilibrium spectra for plants. The spectrum used varies, but the white LED growth lamp is designed to emit a similar amount of red and blue light, and the added green light will be white. White LED light is usually used for supplementary lighting of home and office space.
A large number of plant species have been evaluated in greenhouse experiments to ensure that plants have higher quality in biomass and biochemical composition, even comparable to field conditions. Plant performance of peppermint, basil, lentils, lettuce, cabbage, parsley and carrot was measured by assessing the health and vitality of plants and their success in promoting growth. Promote the selection of ornamental plants to bloom in large numbers.
In the LED growth lamp test conducted by Philips Lighting Company, in order to find the best light formula in greenhouses, they found that the following aspects of light affect plant growth, photosynthesis and plant development, light intensity, total light changes over time, which time, (spectrum), light direction and light distribute on plants. However, it is worth noting that in the tests between tomatoes, mini cucumbers and sweet peppers, the best formula for all plants is different, depending on the crops and regions, so at present, they have to optimize the LED lighting and errors in the greenhouse according to the experiments. They have shown that led light affects disease resistance, taste and nutritional levels, but by 2014, they haven't found a practical way to use this information.
The diode design for the initial LED is usually 1 / 3 Watt to 1 watt. However, nowadays LED growth lamps usually use high-power diodes, such as 3 watts and 5 watts diodes. For highly compact areas, cob chips between 10 and 100 watts can be used. These chips are usually inefficient due to heat dissipation.
The LED growth lamp should keep the plants at least 12 inches (30 centimeters) away from the plants to prevent the leaves from burning.
Fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamps have many shape factors, including long, thin bulbs and smaller energy-saving lamps. The color temperature range of fluorescent lamp is from 2700k to 10000K
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(5)What is the difference between g. plant grow lamp and ordinary LED lamp?
     1. The wavelength of luminescence spectrum is different
The plant growth lamp is mainly composed of red and blue components in visible spectrum. Ordinary lamps are only light-emitting diodes, and the spectrum is concentrated in the green part.
LED used in the field of plant culture also shows the following characteristics: rich wavelength types, just in line with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light morphogenesis; half width of spectral wave is narrow, which can be combined to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum according to needs; it can focus light of specific wavelength to irradiate crops evenly; it can not only regulate the flowering and Fruiting of crops.
It can also control plant height and plant nutrients; the system has less heat and takes up less space, which can be used in multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system, realizing low heat load and miniaturization of production space; in addition, its strong durability also reduces the operation cost.
     2. External differences
LED is also known as light-emitting diode. The core part is a chip composed of p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor. There is a transition layer between p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor, which is called p-n junction. When the current flows from the anode to the cathode of LED, the semiconductor crystal will emit different colors of light from purple to red, and the intensity of light is related to the current.
According to the luminous intensity and working current, it can be divided into ordinary brightness (luminous intensity < 10mcd), high brightness (luminous intensity 10 ~ 100mcd) and ultra-high brightness (luminous intensity > 100mcd). Its structure is mainly divided into four parts: the structure of light distribution system, the structure of heat dissipation system, driving circuit and mechanical / protective structure.
Research on LED as supplementary lighting for plant photosynthesis traditional artificial light source produces too much heat. If led supplementary lighting and hydroponic system are used, air can be recycled, and too much heat and water can be removed.
Electrical energy can be efficiently converted into effective photosynthetic radiation, and ultimately into plant matter. The results show that the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of lettuce can be increased by more than 20% by using LED lighting, so it is feasible to use led in plant factory.
     3. Different uses
LED lamps can replace spiral incandescent lamps or energy-saving bulbs, from 5-40 watts, low-power incandescent lamps to 60 watts (only about 7 watts of electricity).
Led plant lamp can help shorten the growth cycle of plants, because the light source of this kind of lamp is mainly composed of red and blue light sources. It adopts the most sensitive light band of plants. The red light wavelength uses 620-630nm and 640-660nm, and the blue light wavelength uses 450-460nm and 460-470nm.
These light sources are to make plants produce the best photosynthesis and get the best growth state. Experiments and practical applications show that, in addition to providing light for plants in the time of lack of light, they also promote the differentiation of multiple lateral branches and buds, accelerate the growth of roots, stems and leaves, accelerate the synthesis of carbohydrates and vitamins, and shorten the growth cycle .
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(6). what do you do to buy plant growth lights?
With the continuous growth of the world's population, people have higher and higher requirements for food. However, with the continuous expansion of the living area, there is less and less arable land. Therefore, plant factories and plant lamps will become the key to solve the food crisis.
Now, many countries, plant lamps have been put into plant factories, because it can not only solve the problem of crop shortage, but also not affected by environmental factors. Therefore, the plant lamp will be an inevitable trend.
However, the light source of a plant factory is also very important, because with the development of plant factory technology and the improvement of climate equipment, the selection of plant lamp is different.
The light sources of plant lamps include fluorescent lamps, metal halogen lamps, LED lamps, electrodeless lamps, etc. we will choose different types of plant lamps according to the position of the greenhouse and the degree of sunlight exposure, so as to ensure that the plants grow better in a shorter time. Therefore, in the future, the plant lamp will become a necessary agricultural production products, it will be irreplaceable, in the near future will also use more and more, perhaps in the near future, will also become indispensable in the future agricultural production.
What should you use the plant growth lamp?
     1. Concentrate the red and blue light needed by the plant to make the stem, leaf and root grow faster
     2. To save your electricity bill, reduce it by up to 80%
     3. Minimum heat emission, reduce a / C cost and fire hazard
     4. Reduce CO2 emissions by more than 25%
     5. Very long life between 100000 hours, incandescent lamps and fluorescent bulbs are generally rated 1500-6000 hours
     6. Spectrum of pure natural light, reduce glare and eye fatigue
     7. Reduce eye fatigue, migraine, headache, anxiety, no flicker start or glare
     8. Easy to install, do it yourself, using your existing fitting
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3. Plant growth tent

(1). Why use plants to grow tents?
Can better control all kinds of factors of plant growth: temperature, humidity, lighting, etc., can search green source plastic, let the plant grow better, more healthy! The plant tent can plant many kinds of plants indoors, which is not affected by the region.
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(2). What are the benefits of plant growth tents for plants
     1. The plant tent can be completely disassembled, which makes it easy to disassemble and wash. It is very suitable for super large plant growth tent. In addition, a mesh cloth is arranged on the ventilation hole to prevent mosquitoes from entering. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, more humanized design and more in line with the needs of users. I hope my answer can help you. (1 day ago)
     2. Plant is good, you can choose aloe, Chlorophytum, tiger tail orchid, one leaf orchid, turtle back bamboo. They are natural scavengers and can remove harmful substances from the air.
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