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How to choose the best non-woven grow bags?

Time:2021-06-16 11:32

What is a grow bag?
Plant grow bags are an inexpensive alternative to plastic or ceramic pots. Cultivation of various seedling products with planting bags, low cost, high efficiency, sturdy and durable, strong permeability, save water, moisture and fertilizer, good heat preservation, so that the tree grows green; not affected by seasonal climate (especially for the northern drought and rain and desert areas planting than the usual environment planting survival rate is higher, the role is more obvious); at the same time seedling products transplanted throughout the year root system integrity, to ensure high survival rate of transplants, can achieve seedlings The advantages of the expected growth! The size of these containers are customizable, and you can purchase the right size grow bag specifically for your plants.
We present you some information about planting bags and I am sure you will find the right one for you. medicalbios planting bags are our first choice and are made of high quality non-woven fabric.
What do you need to know before you buy a grow bag?
First, you need to know the benefits of grow bags
Before buying a grow bag, you may still be considering its benefits. Grow bags are usually much cheaper than similarly sized plastic or ceramic pots. In addition, they can lie flat when empty to save space. Planting bags are made of breathable materials that allow for root ventilation and provide good drainage, allowing you to use a cheaper, denser soil mix without damaging the plants you're growing. This is because the pots themselves help ventilate and prevent water from pooling in the roots.
What's more, on hot summer days, the heat from some ceramic pots can burn the roots, but that doesn't happen when you use grow bags. However, the breathability and permeability of grow bags are too good, which tends to lead to serious water loss and the roots of plants tend to wilt or even die because of the lack of water, so we recommend you to water more than 3 times a day with each drenching for more than 5 minutes when using the bags in summer.
Then, we have to choose the corresponding size for the plants
Before you buy, be sure to find the ideal size for any plants you are considering growing. A grow bag that is too small will hinder plant growth, while a grow bag that is too large will waste potting soil and water.
Grow bags range in size from 1 to 30 gallons. It's hard to visualize a pot from its capacity, so check the size. The diameter varies depending on the height of the bag. However, you can expect a 1-gallon grow bag to be about 6 inches in diameter, a 30-gallon grow bag to be about 24 inches in diameter, and all other sizes in between.
Second, quality materials make your plants healthier
Most grow bags are non-woven, which is breathable and provides plenty of air to the roots. It has natural drainage and does not require holes in the bottom or the addition of rocks or crushed ceramic pieces to promote drainage. You can also find some hydrophilic bags made of flexible PVC-type plastic. These are not desirable though, as they are not breathable, causing them to lose most of the benefits of using grow bags instead of pots. Plastic products are also somewhat fragile and tend to last only one growing season.
Finally, what should I look for when choosing a quality grow bag?
First handles
Because of the flexible sides of the grow bag, it is difficult to carry the grow bag as you would a solid ceramic or plastic pot. Therefore, grow bags should have handles that allow you to move them more easily. Ideally, these handles should be durable with double stitching so that they don't break under the weight of the plants and soil when you move them.
Second Foldability
Planting bags should be made of material that is flexible enough to fold them up, as you can effectively make yourself a smaller pot by doing so. Therefore, if you don't need the total volume of the pot, there is no need to fill your grow bag to the top and waste potting soil.
Third drainage
You should always choose a grow bag that has natural drainage. Fabric grow bags are porous, giving them good drainage. While we do not recommend using plastic grow bags, if you choose to use them, they must have drainage holes in the bottom. Otherwise, the plants you produce will become water-logged and the roots may rot.
How much you expect to spend on grow bags
The low price of grow bags is part of their appeal. Depending on size and quality, a pack of five to six grow bags can cost anywhere from $10 to $35.
Some of the more frequently asked questions about grow bags
Can I use a grow bag more than once?
A. Yes, as long as your grow bag is in good condition, you can use it for several growing seasons until it wears out.
Can I reuse the soil in the grow bag?
A. The soil in the grow bag can be reused, but be aware that last year's crop will deplete the soil of nutrients to some extent. Therefore, you may need to add fertilizer and other nutrients. More importantly, some plants that are prone to disease, such as tomatoes, should not be grown in the same soil year after year. Instead, try rotating the soil so that you can grow different plants in it next year.
Our recommended high quality non-woven grow bags
non-woven potato grow bags
Pros: The bag has an opening underneath, so you can take the potatoes directly and still not hurt his roots, and still allow them to grow healthily.
Disadvantage: the opening needs to be sealed, otherwise it will easily lead to soil and water loss when watering.
Pros: Non-woven breathable fabric is used, and there is no opening under the bag, which will not lead to soil loss, and the opening of the planting bag is upward, which is the best for growing tomatoes.
Disadvantages: the surface soil tends to dry out.
If you need to buy planting bags, you can choose to order directly with our factory, or go to Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and other platforms to buy, or go to the store directly if there is a store near your home.
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