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How plant growing bag tape works

Time:2021-06-02 09:56

1. Special polypropylene material with natural root cutting effect and high transplanting effect. After planting, the root system extends outward. After contacting with this unique material, it penetrates the bag surface and peels off in a ring, so that the roots outside the bag will not grow thick and promote the formation of many fine roots inside the bag, which is the effect of natural root cutting .
2. Plant growth is as fast as planting in the field. The root system can still expand outward after planting, and water and nutrients can still be absorbed normally by the fine roots outside the bag. The upward transport from the xylem in the center of the root is the same effect as field planting, not as good as other container cultivation.
3.Water penetrates freely and does not accumulate water. The special material of the root control bag allows water and nutrients to penetrate freely and will not cause root rot due to waterlogging inside the bag.
4.Low transplanting cost and long transplanting season. Because transplanting does not require skilled workers to remove the roots, ordinary workers can transplant. Transplanting is simple and convenient, and the cost is low. As the soil ball is about 25% less than the traditional planting ball, the transportation cost can be reduced a lot. After harvesting, the planting bag can be used as a container for packing the soil ball. The soil ball is intact and the transplanting survival rate is high. No additional packaging is needed to reduce costs.
5.Carbohydrates accumulate in the bag and grow back quickly after transplanting. Since the roots are stripped into rings, the carbohydrates produced by the leaves are transported from the bast to the roots, but cannot be sent out of the bag. Carbohydrate nutrients accumulate in the roots of the bag and form nodules. Once transplanted, growth can be quickly restored, greatly improving the survival rate and quality of the transplant.
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