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3 steps to teach you how to design a tent DIY cannabis grow tent!

Time:2021-04-30 09:53

Are you looking for a simple, cost effective environment to grow your own weed? Below, we'll show you a simple process that shows how to build your own grow tent for a fraction of the price of the tents/boxes you buy in the store.
Why build a do-it-yourself grow tent?
Growing your own weed is a great experience. Getting your seeds to germinate and watching them grow into healthy plants with big, fragrant buds is a great way to create a deeper connection with this ancient plant. Not to mention, you may end up with a much better product than you would have gotten anywhere else.
Unfortunately, not everyone has enough space to grow plants outdoors in the sun. That's where DIY grow tents come in; for many people, homemade grow tents have proven to be the most cost effective and efficient environment. While small grow tents are very inexpensive, if you take the time to find supplies, it is possible to build your own for next to nothing. In addition, they give you complete control over the environment in which your plants grow, for a bountiful harvest every time!
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How to Build Your Own Cannabis Grow Room
Important considerations for a DIY grow tent
Before you start looking around for building materials, take some time to consider these important considerations for your tent.
Cannabis plants need clear periods of light and darkness to flower properly. Leaking light during periods of darkness can stress photoperiodic strains, hinder their growth, interrupt their flowering, and even cause hermaphroditism. Even self-flowering strains are thought to be dependent on continuous periods of darkness for respiration, photosynthesis, etc. Therefore, your DIY tent must be light-proof.
Cannabis needs to be watered and fed regularly. Make sure your tent is waterproof to avoid any damage to the area around the tent from rain or spills.
Air Flow
Cannabis plants need proper airflow to grow properly. Poor airflow, on the other hand, can create hot spots in your tent that trap heat and moisture, create breeding grounds for bacteria and attract pests. Your tent needs to be well ventilated to prevent these problems from occurring.
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The size of your grow tent will depend on how much space you have available, your budget and the number of plants you plan to grow.  A 1 x 1 meter tent is arguably the most common size for amateur growers, but you can choose a larger or smaller size depending on your needs. Just know that if you want your plants to reach their maximum potential, then the tent will need to be at least 1.5-2 meters tall to provide them with enough room to grow and prevent them from getting too close to the lights.
What do you need to build a do-it-yourself growing tent?
Building your own tent is very easy. Here is a list of everything you will need.
Polyvinyl chloride
19mm PVC pipe is strong, durable and inexpensive, making it ideal for making tent frames. You will need.
-16 straight tubes in vertical and horizontal directions (length of tubes depends on how big you want your tent to be)
-8 90 degree angle fittings
-4 T-tube fittings
-1 horizontal pipe fittings
Panda Film
Panda film can be used as a tent wall. Remember to use the black side of the film on the outside to absorb the light and the white side on the inside to reflect the light.
There are many different grow lights on the market, but we recommend using LED lights due to their energy efficiency and durability.  HID lights are cheaper than LED lights and can produce good results, but they need to be replaced after two harvests and consume a lot of energy.
There are many fans on the market. If you set up a large tent to harvest a large area, we recommend using a fan and a carbon filter to eliminate plant odors. If you're just setting up a tent to grow a few plants, a regular wall fan will do the trick.
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Do I need to grow cannabis indoors?
Once you have the materials, you will need the following tools to assemble the tent.
-Tape (to cover the tent with panda film)
-Handsaw (in case you need to cut any size of PVC pipe)
-Velcro (to open the tent)
How to set up your own DIY grow tent
Now that you have the materials and tools, follow these steps to build your own cannabis grow tent in less than a day.
Step 1: Assemble the frame
If you are unable to purchase the required PVC size, use a handsaw to cut it to size. Regardless of the size of the tent you are building, you will need 16 straight pipes. 4 for the vertical (should be at least 1.5 meters long), 4 for the base and 8 for the tent top.
After cutting the straight pipes to size, attach them to the accessories to build the tent frame. Remember that your roof should have a cross-shaped fitting in the middle to keep your lights, fans, etc. stable.
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Step 2: Covering the tent
You will need to cover the tent twice. Once to cover the inside of the tent with white panda film, and another time to cover the outside of the tent with black film.
The easiest way to do this is to start with the walls. Wrap a piece of film tightly around three of the four walls (the fourth side will be the opening of the tent). Secure the film to the PVC pipe openings.
Next, cover the roof of the tent with another piece of film. Make sure there is at least a 3-5 cm overlap on each wall and tape both sides. Walk into the tent and see if there are any light leaks, then cover them from the outside with tape.
Finally, at the opening of the tent, cut a section of film long enough to extend from the middle of the roof to the ground. Secure it to the top of the tent with tape, then attach it to the PVC frame on the sides and bottom with Velcro.
Step 3: Install lights and fans
Install the grow lights on the top of the tent according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Remember to pull the power cord out of the small opening in the roof and seal the sides with tape to avoid light leakage.
Finally, place the fan on the floor and you're done!
Now it's time to start growing cannabis!
Now that you've set up your DIY tent, it's time to start growing. Be sure to read our article on indoor cannabis growing equipment for a complete list of all the gadgets you'll need to grow your plants, and don't forget to order your seeds directly from our online store to ensure a bountiful harvest. Happy growing!